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We design urban and living spaces.

project management

Depending on the scale of the project, we can manage, do the budgeting, planning and administration for your project.


We do small renovation projects (up to 300m2) and partner up with local construction companies to build big scale projects.

project highlight

The repair garage

  • Planning
  • interior
  • project managment
Social project

Plantation house Karpata

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BUL designed a vision for an old plantation house called Karpata on the island of Bonaire, the plantation house is located in one of the more attractive dive spots on this island  in the dutch caribbean.

The house has been let alone for more than 15 years and we wanted to create a new way to give it back the life that it deserves.

Our idea is to create a small museum about the history of slavery, two shops, one restaurant, one b&b, public showers and toilets.

The central patio is the meeting point, with the installation of this amazing structure we wanted to connect the past and future of this house.



This was our proposal for a empty terrain between Leiden central station and the university hospital of Leiden. Our plan was to create two new buildings a walking path between the buildings where the pedestrian could feel the transition from the old town to the modern and new investigation center of the city.

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